Monday, July 8, 2013


A Boeing 777-200 of Asiana Airlines with 307 people on board crashes while landing on runway 28L at San Francisco, killing 2 people and injuring 180. The accident took place at about 11:28 am local time on 06 Jul 2013. As per initial reports coming through, the ILS Glide slope for the runway was non-operational for runway 28L at SFO. It appears that the aircraft came in low. Watching the debris trail on the runway, it appears that some portion of the aircraft touched well short of the beginning of the runway, let alone the threshold. Why? 

The aircraft has called finals at 7 miles and every thing appears normal. Has any failure taken place after that; the aircraft has encountered wind shear; or is it just a case of an undershooting approach with the tail portion of the aircraft hitting the snow wall - a vertical wall at the edge of the land/ water junction.

Awaiting further news on the cause of the accident - prima facie appears to be human error, with the aircraft making an undershooting approach in the absence of ILS glide slope information. No news about VASI or other visual approach aids. Weather at the time was VFR.

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