Friday, February 13, 2009


Aero India 2009 is being held at Air Force Station Yelahanka from 11 Feb - 15 Feb 2009. I visited the air show today and had my fill of nostalgia when I watched the powerful fighters defy gravity and create myriad patterns in the sky trying to impress the aviation professionals with a display of their performance. I watched the Eurofighter, the F-16IN, the F-18, the Su 30, the MiG 35 fighters perform with their after burners thrusting them forwards at low, and high speeds through various pre planned manoeuvres. I must also confess that I last flew the Jaguar in Sep 1992, but the sound of the afterburner lighting up and thrusting the aircraft forward gave me goose bumps even today. It is not only the sound of the burner but the sight of the man-machine combination on display that gives one the feeling of how the pilot inside has become one with his machine and the two are performing pure magic for the crowd of spectators below. Wow......enough of this or I will go on and on.

The Sarang helicopter display team in their Advanced Light Helicopters gave a fitting display of their and their helicopters prowess. This was the easiest to capture in my primitive digital camera.... and so there are more photographs of this team. The fighters were too fast and small for me to capture with my camera. Anyways, here are my photographs of Aero India 2009. The two aircraft that I have flown of the aircraft on static display are the Harvard and the Jaguar. The Su 30 with the national flag painted on it just looked superb. Click on the image to get a better view. Happy viewing, though I am not too happy with the results. Next year will be better.....I plan to get a better camera.