Tuesday, October 14, 2008


GM (G for Goyal and M for Mallya) - I found this description very amusing. However, this news does not augur well for the low cost airlines and for Air India. In case Jet and King Fisher decide to come together (full details of the tie-up is not yet available) then it would definitely sound a death knell for the low cost carriers, for sure, i.e. if they donot come up with some innovative solution to this latest challenge thrown at them. Air India may survive depending on how long the tax payers can continue to bale them out. Both Goyal and Mallya are businessmen and would find ways to reduce seats to just match demand at the prices that make business sense.

King Fisher has already sold three of its Airbus 340s to Nigerian Airways and has opted to defer its international operations, that were launched with great fanfare. Waiting for more details on the deal.......till then, hope and pray that 'the low cost dream ain't over' yet.

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